Tealight cups

Tealight cups and wick holders are available in different sizes. The standard product range comprises ten different sizes, but custom orders are also possible. Tealightcups.com values top-quality production and competitive prices.


The features of the tealight cups have been optimised over years of experience. This means that the tealights will be an excellent match for your needs. These features include:

Optimal thickness

The tealight cups are made from a single piece of aluminium. The thickness of the aluminium is normally between 70 and 85 µ.


The edges of the cups are folded over. This folded edge is called a flange and ensures that the cup is extra sturdy, while also removing the product’s sharp edges for safety reasons.


The tealight cups have either four or six “feet”, depending on the size of the cup. The feet are formed during the deep-drawing process. Because the feet are part of the die, the sturdiness of the cup remains optimal.

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Tealight cups are available in various shapes and sizes. The standard range of cups comprises 13 varieties that are always well stocked at Record Industrie B.V. However, customised work is always possible through our experienced tool and die makers. At Tealightcups.com, cost effectiveness, quality, and flexibility go hand in hand.

The standard range of cups consists of 8 types with dimensions that fall within the RAL specifications for sizes of tealights. The specifications set limits on the height and diameter of the cup.

Height: max. 17 mm
Diameter: 36-39 mm

The figure on the left shows the available sizes. The orange box indicates the sizes that meet the mentioned RAL specifications.

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The standard variation of tealight cups is blank (uncoloured) aluminium. The cups also come in six colours of anodised aluminium:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Pink
  • White

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Quality and capacity

Thanks to years of experience, high-quality production is one of the distinguishing features of Tealightcups.com. The production capacity is also remarkable.

Tealightcups.com produces around 500,000,000 tealight cups every year. That works out to about 250 tonnes of aluminium. In the near future, Tealightcups.com aims to further increase production with the goal of offering better prices without compromising on quality.

Whether you want a few boxes, a few pallets, or an entire shipping container full of tealight cups, Tealightcups.com will always offer you high-quality tealight cups at a competitive price.

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Competitive prices

High-quality production often means high product prices. However, Tealightcups.com takes a different approach. Thanks to the smart organisation of the procurement of raw materials, in combination with very flexible use of the means of production, Tealightcups.com can put its products on the market in an extremely cost-effective way.

Vision for transport

Joining forces with Jeka has led to excellent opportunities for transport, both domestically and internationally. This makes it possible for Tealightcups.com to deliver products in a very competitive way.

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Price indication

Tealightcups.com uses a graduated scale in determining prices, so prices can differ according to your needs. The table below just offers an idea of the competitive prices that Tealightcups.com can offer. The prices shown exclude VAT.

Number Per 1000 pcs (€)*
100,000 4,50
1 million 3,75
10 million 3,00
More than 10 million Price upon request. Please contact us.

Orders < € 500 have an additional € 15 shipping and handling cost. Free delivery within Europe applies to orders >= € 5000.

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